Find top two highest numbers in a array java

  • Hi Friends today we will discuss about how to find top two maximum numbers in an array using java program.
  • For this we have written separate function to perform logic
  • findTwoMaxNumbers method takes integer  array as an argument
  • Initially take two variables to find top to numbers and assign to zero.
  • By using for each loop iterating array and compare current value with these values
  • If our value is less than current array value then assign current value to max1 
  • And assign maxone to maxtwo because maxtwo should be second highest.
  • After completion of all iterations maxone will have top value and maxtwo will have second maximum value.
  • Print first maximum and second maximum values.
  • So from main method create array and pass to findTwoMaxNumbers(int [] ar)

package com.javainhouse;

public class FindTopTwo { public void findTwoMaxNumbers(int[] array){ int maxOne = 0; int maxTwo = 0; for(int i:array){ if(maxOne < i){ maxTwo = maxOne; maxOne =i; } else if(maxTwo < i){ maxTwo = i; } } System.out.println("First Maximum Number: "+maxOne); System.out.println("Second Maximum Number: "+maxTwo); } public static void main(String a[]){ int num[] = {4,23,67,1,76,1,98,13}; FindTopTwo obj = new FindTopTwo(); obj.findTwoMaxNumbers(num); obj.findTwoMaxNumbers(new int[]{4,5,6,90,1}); }


First Maximum Number: 98
Second Maximum Number: 76
First Maximum Number: 90
Second Maximum Number: 6

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