25 Java Interview Questions

1. Program to reverse a String in Java .

2. Program to print Fibonacci series in java.

3.Program to print Fibonacci series in java using recursive method .

4.Program in java to find a String in a sentence.

5. Program to count no.of times a word repeats in String in Java

6. Program to find Prime number in java

7. Program to remove a particular character from a sentence

8. Count the Number of Vowels in Java String

9. Find the substring count from a string without string functions in java

10. Program in java to split String without using split() method

11. Program in java to check whether a String is palindrome or not

12. Program to find largest and smallest numbers among N numbers using an array

13 . How to remove duplicate characters from String in Java.

14. Program for Shifting character in a String eg. String "abcde" should be printed as "eabcd"

15. Program to find  Position of a String in another String.

16. How to sort and reverse an array list without using sort method

17. How to find first non-repeated character of a string in Java.

18. Bubble Sort in Java

19. How to find duplicate numbers in list in Java (using Collection)

20. How to Print numbers for 1 to 100 without using for Loop

21. Java program to find smallest substring in specified characters

22. Write a program to find out all possible unique subString present in a given string

23. How To Count Occurrences Of Each Character In String In Java

24. How to reverse a String using recursion


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image reading and conversion is done at java side and creating a jsonarray and put the same to taffy.

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